75 – English? .!

Pamela Kurzewski
Wien, Österreich

English. English is my business language. To create a whole new personality. A business personality. Which I do not have in german. In german I am the funniest. In english the unsecure one. In polish the saddest version of myself. And I am sure you know which one I prefer the most! 😉 The german one. But Id love to combine both. The funny optimistic personality with a real business personality. Aiming high. Going Higher. To optimize myself. And I NEVER EVER heard somebody talking about the personality change which came with the adaption of a new “main language”. And this is so cringe. Because I feel ashamed talking english. My english is bad.. It isnt bad at all. But I do think so. Because I know its not perfect. Because I make a lot of mistakes. But this is only because I am not talking. I am not thinking in english. But watch me! Hear me. See me. I am doing it right now. And this is the fantastic outcome. And this is MY Blog. My Website. I can do whatever I want to do. And write what I want. About I want.

Well, .. Do I? Or am I restricted? Does somebody controls what I am allowed to post? Who decides what is allowed to be written on the internet? This is the same Bullshit like make a plant illegal and responsible for so many lifes..

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